Monday, April 13, 2009

Aktiviti (Sebelah Petang) Sabtu Yang Lepas

Phewwwh... Penat dan sakit yang ini pun tak hilang lagi, dah datang penat yang lain pulak. Adoiii...

Okay, we (I mean I) didn't bring Sophia to the park yesterday because we (I mean Hubby) had an Aqiqah ceremony to attend in the afternoon and said he wanted to bring us to The Curve. Oh, The Curve... hmmm... (I thought for awhile about what I could do at The Curve).

So we went to the Aqiqah, yada yada yada... and guess what? I saw the famous Mokcik Nab (and the father, and.. the whole family lah senang citer)! And guess what, again? She was the host (I mean, she's the baby's aunt, so.. she was the host, no?). Okaylah, enough about that (like we knew each other, duhh...).

Then we went to The Curve lah (as planned) - nasib baik jadi, kalau tak,... (saya sebenarya sudah ada back-up plan sekiranya tidak jadi pergi The Curve).

When we got there, I went straight to the tailor shop and sent my kains there (I only sent two for trial). We gonna see the masterpiece soon... (kalau tak kena dengan harganya, memang mak sumpah!).

After that, sesi mengukur bangunan pun berlaku - there was nothing much at The Curve (ramainya orang, mak datuk!!!??). And Sophia wanted to ride on the stupid mechanical animals so badly. She rode a red horse (I think) - I took some pictures of her (see if I manage to upload them). Well, I say the ride was not bad at all, for RM 3, she got to ride that thing for like 3 minutes (I think) - quite worth it lah (takkan nak sampai 3 jam, kan?).

Then, we went to Cineleisure (ukur bangunan tu pulak). Gila depressing tempat tu - macamanalah bangunan tu boleh terus berdiri megah? There were nothing inside the building (well, not literally lah). But I saw a Lenovo Netbook and the price was only around RM1300 - I felt like buying it at that instant!!! FYI, the Lenovo Netbook comes in 3 colors - white, pink and black.

So that was it, that was our sepetang di The Curve. Sophia was so tired that she felt asleep on our way home (around 7 pm) until 8 in the morning!!!