Saturday, April 25, 2009

It Was A Hot Sunny Morning

So we went to our daughter's Sports Day today (I mean, this morning). We reached the place before 8 o'clock - so much for not wanting her to miss her part (like last year). ;)

She was not feeling really well today. She threw up just before the event was about to start. So the teacher advised that she did not join the marching - she could still take part in the tele-match later. But being her - the cacing kepanasan type, she just could not sit still. Hmm...

To cut it short, her group's turn came. They, the 3-4 year-old group had 2 tele-matches. The funny thing is, by the end of the matches, I didn't even notice which team won. But they were totally cute!

My pictures are still in the camera memory card. I do not feel complete and comfortable uploading those pictures without using Photoscape ;).

In the mean time, some pictures can be viewed in Eza's blog. Yup, Sophia met her Taska friends today - tapi malu-malu la pulak...