Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Is Your Number 1 Must-Have Criterion In A Car?

The color? (Red/ Yellow/ Blue etc)

The cc? (2.0/1.5/650 etc)

The manufacturer? (Honda/Proton/Ferrero RocherFerrari etc)

The type? (Sedan/hatchback, 2-door/4-door etc)

Number of cup holders? (2/4 etc)

As for me, the first thing I would check in any (prospect) car is.....

... the interior window sill.

I would knock on it - it must not be of the hard plastic type; it must be made of leather or faux leather. Haaaaaa..... amcam? Gila, tak gila perempuan gemuk ni?

Actually, I'd love to have a dashboard of the same structure/built/type (whatever), but now it is very hard to find a (low-end) car with a dashboard like that.

So people, excuse my obsessive-compulsiveness.

p/s: Pencarian masih belum berakhir...