Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I finished reading Book 4 of the Twilight series during the long weekend - on Sunday night to be exact.

*Long sigh*

Let me just say "I'm glad that I finished them all".

To me, the climax was when Bella & Edward got married. After that, the story line was kinda draggy (again, to me lah). And, it was TAK ADA LOJIKA when Charlie accepted their bullshit about Bella's disease. Duhh, ada ke bapak yang boleh terima alasan kehilangan Bella camtu?

Nevertheless, I was hoping that Jacob would ran away with Nessie at the end of the book. But, NOT!!!

Okay, Linahilmin has been asking for my ratings on the series. So here goes:

Twilight : 2.5/5 (sekejap nak withdraw, sekejap nak maintain...)
New Moon : 1.5/5
Eclipse : 3/5
Breaking Dawn : 2.75/5

Those are my ratings, yeah. Of all four, I loved Eclipse the most.