Thursday, June 4, 2009

And I Said I Didn't Know How To Eat BIG MAC?

Today, my friend and I had Big Mac McValue Lunch after each of us having trains of indecisive thoughts of "What's for lunch today?"

I never thought that I could eat Big Mac until today! I mean, when I compare it with the burger (from Toni Roma's) I had yesterday, Big Mac was pale in comparison. Heh.

Oh, did I mention that we dropped by at Ariani, Bangi before headed to McDonalds? It was our first time. I tried one tudung, but... naaaaahhhhh...

It looked nice okay from the front, but from the sides it failed (to me). But the advantage of this shop brand is it has SO MANY color selections! I was like WOW!!!

The price, I can't say if it is more expensive than the other brand, because we were in hurry and I didn't have time to explore the shop. ;)