Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jalan-Jalan Hujung Minggu Nan Lalu

On Saturday we went to "Taman" and had lunch there (at Food Garden). I as usual, had the Salmon-Prawn Tepanyaki set. Laaa lala...

After that, we went home. Memang makan tengahari semata-mata.

On Sunday, we went to Pavilion pulak. We had our lunch at Pastamania. Boleh tahan jugak rasa makanan dia. The portion was also just nice - not too little, not too many. I had Linguine Marinara.

Having linguine/spaghetti/fettuccine or any noodle-like pasta for your kids is not recommended. Well, that was the mistake we made on that day. Sophia ended up eating in a mess. We better choose Penne next time.

After that, we entered Parkson and the rest was history. ;)