Friday, October 23, 2009

What I Did During My Stay In Kota Kinabalu

It was an adhoc vacation. A short one.

We stayed in Promenade Hotel – a city hotel. The rate was reasonable: RM 180++ without breakfast. The hotel location is good - restaurants, convenient shops are just around the corner. Even the Warisan Square are just 400-500m away from the hotel. But if you ask me, Le Meridian is better (location wise). The hotel is situated just across the Filipino Market and Warisan Square and some Don’t-Know-What Seafood Restaurant.

So on the first day, we went to the Warisan Square for dinner. I liked the place *Like*. It was kinda awkward because by 7.00 pm I felt like it was late night already and must go to bed, heh.

The next morning, we took an island-hopping package by Masenang Tours & Travel. Around 10.30 am, we left to hotel for a boat ride to Mamutik Island, Manukan Island and Sapi Island. The earlier (as early as 8.00 am) you start the trip, the better. But I personally think that 2 islands is enough.

Our first hop was Mamutik Island. There were SO MANY fishes near the shore. But Sophia was so scared of the water (I was surprised) and chose to play onshore. Hubby and I didn’t have any choice but to take turns snorkeling. Oh, we brought our expired loaf of bread from home! Nasib lah kau ikan, makan roti expired. :P

Our next stop was Manukan Island. Been here before (without Sophia) but at that time we didn’t even soak our feet in the water. We had lunch (and Sophia took a nap) there. I was to tired to go snorkeling. Toilets and changing rooms were clean and comfortable in Manukan Island.

Did I mention that the boat ride to Sapi Island was like a rollercoaster ride? I was praying hard the boat did not capsize and we did not fall out*camera was in the bag, the bag was on the boat*. I didn’t even dare to take out my camera out of the bag to snap pictures! Oh, yes, the next hop was Sapi Island where we were told that there were many Monitor Lizards (monitoring humans) on the island.

To be continued…