Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Whole New World

(It's so happenned that I was listening to the song from Aladdin the movie when I was composing this entry)

I think some of you might have heard/known that I am leaving for Sydney soon (while some of you were told that I'm leaving for the moon; sorry guys, I don't feel like revealing it in the Twitterland)!


I've been bugging KNV all this while about being an S.A.H.M. unemployed mom (I bugged Rizza too! Who else did I bug?). It seems (to me) like everything about being unemployed (after being employed since graduation) is SO NOT RIGHT.

Am I being selfish here???

You see, I cannot sew.

I cannot blog.

I cannot bake.

The only niche (I think) I have is TELEPROTECTION. Well, not that I'm REALLY good at it, but I LIKE having to deal with it. I love the adrenalin rush when customers are asking for services when we're short in resources, short of materials (now what kind of work pleasure is that? - more like work pressure I guess...).

That's one part that I'm gonna miss.
Oh, wait, is that THE ONLY part that I'm gonna miss??? Well it's not too bad then... Of course, everything I have here will be missed. EVERYTHING. But, what's more important is my dear husband and kids.

As much as my husband prefers me to be a full time desperate housewife, he also concerns about my preference: to work or not to work and does not mind if I still want to be a career woman in Sydney.

As much as I want my kids to be brought up in Malaya (where families are there to support/help us when we're in need), I also want them to be exposed in good (if not better than Malayan's) education system (and culture??).


Entahlah, I just hope that we will survive in Sydney.

Good night,