Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life Is Simple, Ain't It?

With the situation that I have been facing since like err 2 months ago, I come to realize that, being an SAHM is not that complicated. REALLY. I thought I couldn't manage handling 2 kids on my own but so far, I've been doing fine (not perfect, but fine).

I can live with senget carpet (you see when the carpet is senget, most furniture are also senget); but nevermind, we can still lie on the sofa and watch TV.

Dining table is covered with letters/bills/flyers; I'm still ok with it - as long as there is still space for our dining plates.

Washed and dried clothes are piled up in the laundry basket; I'm okay - I can still dig up the pile and search for my clothes (with back ache that is).

Kitchen sink is full of dirty plates and kitchen utensils; well, somebody will take care of it and that somebody is definitely not me. :P

Phewh.. Now I understand what it means when people say "Tutup sebelah mata". Heh.

Yesterday I went to Digi Customer Service Center at Berjaya Times Square to do service termination. When my number was called, I told the Digi staff what I wanted to do, yada, yada, yada.. and that's it! There was not even a single form for me to fill out (yeay!). Service was terminated with some data entry (or maybe just a few clicks) done by the Digi staff. Simple, isn't it???

Later that day, I went to Celcom Taman Tun Dr Ismail to do the same business - service termination. As expected, I was given a form for service termination (nasib dia tak suruh tulis surat rasmi! :P). So I filled out the form while wearing my baby lah. Thanks to ring sling! Not long after I that, my number was called. With a few taps on the keyboard and a penalty fee of RM150, service was terminated. Sempoiii...

There was an interactive monitor at the counter (I think it was a tablet PC or something) for the customers to rate the services given by Celcom. GUESS WHAT???? The Celcom staff just did some tap tap (I think tapping is her middle name, I forgot to ask) and the last thing I saw she tapped on was 'STRONGLY AGREE'. WTF? Then I asked her, "Bukan saya ke yang patut buat tu?". She answered, "A ah. Tapi kalau Puan nak buat, boleh la..". OMG, I thought I just met (and talked to) the most ignorant person on earth!

Again life is simple, isn't it? Pfft...

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