Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Worded Wednesday

I have not been walking/hopping/skipping in the blogosphere since... since... err Twitter(?). (Wait, are there 140 characters already?) :P

And just how many times do I have to repeat that?


Most of my favorite blogs ain't being updated regularly anymore. One is now stuck with ONE letter, another one has been made private, the rest are just suam-suam kuku (kamon uols, please update your blogs).

What I am trying to say is, I have lost my sense of blogging. (NO) thanks to Twitter.

So how have I been doing so far?

Well life as a stay-at-home mom has been great and kind to me (but not to my hands). Sophia has started her first term - I am really, I mean REALLY glad). One thing about my daughter is she ONLY listens to me - when your child listens to you, it is good but when she only listens to you... Hmmm. She has also been a verrrrry good mommy (just like hers) :p. My Buddy boy, errr... has been just kind to me (really). I couldn't ask for more.

Okay... That's about it. I hope I can blog often (again).