Monday, April 4, 2011

Anakku Sophia*

Yesterday, I tweeted
Berlumba dgn anak sape paling bnyk objects!

and then Tp korg horror tak bila tiba alphabet K, anak aku nak draw 'kill'?

Should I be worried?

Important fact: We have never let her watch violent movies. She learnt the K word from Harry Potter 1 (the movie). Tak sesuweiii betul movie ni tau.

Useless fact: She has watched ALL Harry Potter movies.

(Un)related fact: She was making a robot when she asked me "Mama, apa lagi ada kat Robot?". And I (without long hesitant) answered "Err.. GUN?"

I think I should be worried about myself first. #muhasabah it is!

*bukan nama sebenar

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