Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Saya belum habis lagi perasaan sedih-melihat-anak-saya-sedih semalam. Ni nak sambung lagi.

I have not been telling stories about Sophia for quite a time. That's because... I do not know and am not sure on how much to tell and how much I should not. Or maybe she's no longer adorable. Paranoia makes (my) life difficult. Pfft!

Sometimes at night, I think of her. I think of how vulnerable and hopeless she is. I remembered how she was always there with me (before we moved) <--cried when I typed this. And she was (nd still is) just a kid. An amazing one.

Sometimes, I feel like I've been treating her like a grown-up, like she's not 5. I think I expect too much from her. It made me cry (most of the time).

I guess this is what people say 'muhasabah'. (I wonder why I can't do the same during solat).

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