Saturday, September 21, 2013


Dear Blog,
I missed you. How are you doing? Good? Glad that I had not been scribbling nonsense on you? I know I have been neglecting you; I have a new friend, you know. She's (yes it's a she) called Instagram or Insta for short.

Anywhoo, what else... Oh, my kids have grown so fast! S could decide on what to wear on any day by checking the weather forecast every morning. Like today, when (almost) everyone else in school wore summer uniform, she decided to wear winter uniform when the weather forecast said max temperature was 21°C. I felt like telling every kid I saw at school that my daughter was awesome *insert smirk face*. CAN YOU TELL THAT I AM A PROUD MOTHER ALREADY? Phewh...

As for C, he's developing interests on engines and machines namely vehicles and computers respectively (we enjoy playing Minecraft together). Oh, he's doing toilet training now. It has been a week of... stagnant progress *insert sigh face*.

I will try to check on you more often from now on, don' It's for my own good. :p