Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another Visit

Ahah, we (Aida& I) visited the place again! This time, we were actually being asked to accompany another friend of ours, Miss Noli. She's getting married in December and we had been pestering her to go to this place and get one that suits her blue songket for her solemnization. This place is surely a haven (at least to Aida & I). From the intention to just showing the shop to Miss Noli, I bought 2 more pieces - dengan alasan "tak tau bila lagi nak dpt stok color camtu". And that's it. I don't want to pay another visit to the shop (cukup-cukuplah tu).

On the other side of the world, I am bringing Sofea to her Paediatician, Dr Haliza again (since her GL is still valid). She's been coughing for like more than a week already (tak tido mlm aku dibuatnya). There are some points that I want to highlight to Dr Haliza:

  1. She's on antibiotic

  2. Her coughs during nights

  3. Her phlegm

  4. Her flu and the medication that she has been given to (actifed)

  5. The effects of Vicks Vaporub to her since her teacher always applied it on Sofea's chest

Note #1: I really have to write this down on a piece of paper. Nmpk macam wartawan sket masa jumpa Dr nanti :P
Kenapa, tak percaya?

Note #2: Apparently Vicks Vaporub contains cough suppressant. Alahai teacher, patut la anak aku batuk mcm tak puas je. Macam nak keluar kahak, tp tak keluar. Kesian tau.

An update after the visit:
We arrived as early as 8.40 a.m when then we were told that the doctor would only be available at 11.00 a.m. Amik kau, konon2 nak kiasu dpt jumpa doctor awal, rupa-rupanya nak kena tunggu 2 jam jugak. Sempat jugak la si Sofea ni nak pekena mama dia suh tukar diaper.

Ok, basically below is a list of the outcomes of the visit.

  1. Discard the current antibiotic & take the new one

  2. Actifed & Vicks Vaporub are harmless (according to the paediatrician)

  3. Got to have nebulizer twice a day for three days

  4. I didn't make it to work