Thursday, November 29, 2007

One Fine Day

I felt disappointed this morning when my external HDD was still not recognized.

Today's error bubble

Nevertheless I had fun time with the colleagues when we had this gedix photo shoot session.

Cuba teka, yg mana satu saya?

Later, I decided to treat myself with a long lunch break at M*dvalley with my friends. Our first stop was T*ppanyaki. I had Niku Soba and hot green tea.

Niku Soba

Eyedazu and I then proceeded with our main agenda, to do manicure and pedicure at JJ Nail Studio. Okay peeps, we so do not recommend this place. The so-called-professional staff (who manicured and pedicured me) was sooooooo unfriendly and was busy watching TV!!!! Can you imagine tengah-tengah dia nak buang cuticle mak tu dia dok toleh kat TV tgk citer Hong Kong???!!! Hangin ke tak? Dah la rupa studio tu dah macam sebuah br*thel haram! (Ini hangin tahap ribut taufan dah ni)

Okay, enough about the br*thel. We then headed to Chanel counter at Jusco and I bought this

Before leaving MV, we dropped by at Jurlique and I bought some more stuff.

Back in the office, while I was having these brownies from Jawamanis, I tried my luck connecting my external HDD via a friend's cable. To my surprise the HDD was detected. Yeay!!!

The yummy brownies

My savior

p/s: It's raining, men. Alhamdulillah. (But I have to go back late).