Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Story of A P@ssw0rd

My (everyworkingday) mornings are usually filled with these routines:
  1. Dock (and lock) my lappy and retrieve yesterday's emails, while
  2. I go to the food court to have breakfast (even if I have already had mini breakfast at home), and
  3. Blog-hop (previously read and reply posts at
Okay, back to the topic.
I kick-started my (real) job today by logging on to the company's E*MS. It had been awhile since my last login that I had already forgotten the password to enter the system (gosh, this was really a bad start). So I had to called the E*MS BANTUAN for help (hence the name, duhh?) when then I only realized that my office phone was still not working (this was really a bad-day sign). I then used my colleague's phone and had to dial 2 times to get the BANTUAN's attention - I was hung up by the PABX system after being put on hold for several seconds (time is precious and very critical here) in my first attempt.

Okay, so I got a new temporary password already. Being a full-time momsie and a part-time blogger (point taken, everybody?), I could not help but wait to write about the story of the password here before I actually got to use it.

p/s: I came late to the office today just because I had a conflict with my new supposedly-very-easy-to-put-on tudung from Sri Munawarrah.