Friday, November 2, 2007

The Story of Medicines

I chatted with Mektwain a few minutes ago. I ordered some numbers of her choc-cheese cupcakes for the upcoming open house (hey, I think it is relevant). It was a quickie. And being an ever-slow reader, I realized (a few minutes after we terminated our lines) that I wanted to ask her how she gives medicine to her twains when she wrote this:
hehe ok ye. nak kasi twins makan ubat, diorg cucuk 1.5 tahun smlam, hari ni demam pulak
c u! bye!
I have always had a hard time when giving medicine to my daughter, Sofea. (Thinking of it too makes me feel horrible). I don't blame Sofea for being so repulsive when it is 'medicine time' because I used to hate taking medicines too!

I remembered the first time my mother introduced tablet medicine to me (though I couldn't actually remember when it was). It was the 'KK' (read: Kementerian Kesihatan) paracetamol which my mother cut into 4 pieces and I only had to take 1. My mother sat beside me trying to give encouragement by saying "...tak rasa apa-apa pun, lagi senang nak mkn drpd ubat cair. Letak kat dlm dlm.". Imagining the ubat cair with the super bitter taste, I quickly place the tiny piece inside my mouth and drank some water. It didn't work. The tiny solid was still there in my mouth, on my tongue and I puked. Then I thought I did not have to take another one (yeah, right). My mother then gave the second piece with 'that' look. (You wouldn't want to argue with her at this moment, seriously). Being hopeless (and helpless), I took the piece and made the second attempt. This time around, I succeeded.

Gosh, taking medicines is a chore!! But that was back then. Now I know the trick to get tablets down to my gut through my throat (although I failed occasionally and still feel that it is a chore) - it is by tilting the head backwards (really tricky, huh?). I haven't found the trick to give medicines to Sofea (yet) and REALLY need one.