Tuesday, December 4, 2007

But What If...?

Quoted from The Art of War for Women - Chin-Ning Chu
But what if my boss is an idiot? Do I still have to give him 100 percent?
Your employer may not be all that you would wish him to be. But that very fact means he needs you even more.

But what if I hate my job?
If you don't like your job and your company, quit. (But line up another job first; it is always easier to find a job if already have one.)

If you choose to stay, you don't have the right to sabotage the company through your constant expressions of dissatisfaction. If you don't have a solution to the problem you are complaining about, it is best to keep your mouth shut.

But what if I don't agree with the ethics of my company?
Quit. You are not obligated to help the unethical excel. But if you continue to accept a paycheck, you are explicitly endorsing the way your company does business.

Part of my job is depicted as follows:

and shall keep my mouth shut.

A lil' update:
I am letting go one of my Selendang T's from Munawwarah for a mere RM68 only. I bought it at RM75 and worn once. Size S. Color Beige. Reason for selling - it does not fit my face (or is it the other way round??). Will upload the pics in my garage sale later.