Monday, January 7, 2008

Quotes, Quotes, Quotes*

Life is simple. It is always what you want it to be. So keep trying. - Chelsia Ng, 26, Actress.

Stay humble, and stay open to new opportunities, no matter what you have already achieved in life. - Adeline Choo, 24, Miss Malaysia World 2004.

Don't waste you life doing something you're not happy with. Dare to change. - Atilia, 33, Singer.

You must love yourself first, in order to love anyone or anything else. Pride, respect and dignity help you fully appreciate what life offers. -
E-Lane, 30, Newsreader.

Remain true to yourself in whatever you do. It will show. - Farah Watford Abdullah, 40, Radio newscaster.

Be sincere. Life is valued by how much love you've given and received. That's a fulfilled life. - Celina Khor, 29, TV host of 3R.

Do your best in life and plan your retirement well. - Doreen Tang, 30, Singer.

Accept who you are by loving both your good and bad side. - Corrine Adrienne, 29, Actress.

*The Malaysian Women's Weekly, January 2008.