Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It Felt Like Fr0iday

My friend from Penang, KB had a meeting in KL yesterday. So we (plus another one, MJ) met up for lunch. We had lunch at The Italiannies, The Gardens. We chit-chatted about our usual things; kids, old friends, bosses, The Company, the past election, s3x and whatnot, etc.

Speaking of s3x, our other friend, FD recommends Pil Maharani to make our husbands always feel full (as in kenyang, you know). Meanwhile MJ recommends BRAND's InnerShine Prune Essence. Huh??!! I'd rather try the prune essence although I've been consuming Power Root's Per'l Cafe. Hahaha.

In the evening (during the going-home time), the traffic jam was DAMN BAD!!!! It took me 2 hours for a journey of 16km (from office to home)!! Can you imagine how BAD the traffic jam was?? I blamed it on the SMART (read: SMUT) Tunnel. So much for the banjir system. Hey, what about the cars?? The cars want to flow too, you see? Stupidity!

P/s: It felt like Friday (although it's only Monday!!!) because we had a loooooooooong lunch break.

P/p/s: I didn't get to snap pictures of the fridges at my (mum's) house yesterday.