Wednesday, May 7, 2008

First Day At Work (After A Long Weekend)*

* Long weekend = Saturday, Sunday plus 2 days (Monday & Tuesday) away from the office. I like!!!

As usual, I began my day by docking my lappy and start the blog-hopping ritual. Hours passed and I got bored as 'the boss' was around (yeay!!!). So I asked my neighbor if she wanted to join me transforming into a python in the afternoon. She said she'd love to.

So we went to our temple. As usual, kalau tak 'menderma', tak sah (borringggg). So I got 3 pieces for the amount of money I donated.

We then went to The Curve and had lunch there. By the way, have you ever tried having this combination : a bowl of clear seafood tom yam soup and a glass of coconut milk shake?? OMG, I thought they were a marriage made in heaven. No?? What I'm trying to say is that having coconut milk shake is like having a coconut milk drink straight from the box or better from the basin (perah santan)!!! *You should laugh cos' it was supposed to be funny*

After that, a series of shop-hopping began and I bought 2 new shirts from G2000. But I have to tell you this; when I was in the fitting room trying on the clothes my stomach was being very very difficult to me.

I said, "No, not now dear Tummy. I've just undone the last button to try on a new one. Give me a minute, will you?"

Not compromised. Dear Tummy wanted me to go to the loo there and then.

Returning all the pieces that I had brought into the fitting room at the counter, I said to the S.A, "I'll come back later. Where is the nearest toilet?". She showed me the way with that ek'eleh-lu-ni-try-tp-tamau-beli look. Hey look, I said I'd come back, you S.A!

And then, as required, I ushered Dear Tummy doing her business - a rather win-lose situation, right?

p/s: I went back to the shop to get those shirts, ok? Kata kota, kota kata (ada kan, this Malay idioms?). And for the first time in my life, I bought an expensive brooch by Denni/Kenji (Keji!!??).


p/p/s: I think this post is one merapu post.

**The End**