Friday, May 9, 2008

Touch-and-Go Situations

Have you guys ever got stuck behind some car that was stuck in the TNG pit for having some problem with his/her TNG card? It is so annoying, isn't it? Well, I have experiences (note the plural) where I was honked for taking so long in the pit and causing back lock in the TNG lane. Hehe. So if you ever got stuck, the jinx was probably me!

Last Monday, as I was in a hurry to work, I unconsciously enter the TNG lane with money in my hand (and a TNG card with insufficient balance). I was a bit lucky that there was a guy sitting beside the lane and I quickly gestured to him that I was having problem. I paid the toll fee to him before I got the first honk. Fewwwh!!!

Weeks before that some time in April, I had the same unconscious experience and entered the TNG lane. This time, I got honked big time. I sped off like nobody's business once I'd made the payment to the highway staff. I saw my husband's car after that - I wonder if he was one of the honkers that couldn't help waiting and had switched to a different lane.

Days before the above situation (guess what?), the same experience at the TNG lane lah. Only this time, it was not because of my unconsciousness but rather my over-confident feeling that I entered the lane without realizing that the balance was not sufficient. Got honked. But I was saved by my colleague when she produced her TNG card to me. This was actually my first experience after a quite long time ago where...

...I actually hit the toll barrier in the Smart Tag lane for forgetting to place the Smart Tag on the windscreen. OMG, what was I thinking. Nasib baik windscreen tak pecah because the barrier was horizontally movable actually. If not... But the car's rear-view mirror jatuh from its place. When the marshal arrive, I gave him my TNG card with a rather muka-tak-puas-hati look (as if their sensor was not sensitive lah). Pada hal, mak yang tak letak Smart Tag tu. Kih kih kih.

That's the story of my TNG card and I. Touch and go ke? Not la, kan? (Except at the Smart Tag lane tu lah) ;)