Thursday, May 22, 2008

There Was Something About Today

There is something about this picture and also the pictures in this picture. Mind the ugly sketch; but can you spot the Lipas, Lipan and Cicak?

"Mama, lukis lipan". Done.

"Mama, lukis lipas". Also done.

"Mama, lukis cicak". Granted.

But when came to "Mama, lukis mama cicak",

I replied "Mama cicak pergi kerja. Macam mana nak lukis?". She paused to reflect, but she didn't buy it. And continued asking me to draw Mama Cicak.


Earlier, I had to go to Rasa (an area in Selangor). And the picture below was taken while I was being jakun looking at the GPS application.

Mintak mahap, I mmg jakun


Earlier than that (in the morning), we were having the department's monthly party. We played this game called Susun-susun where we were to make a line as long as possible by using anything/everything on you i.e necktie, lanyard, etc.

But one thing I can't forget is when I told this one alim-looked kopiah-wearing goat-y colleague,

"Ha, kalau tak cukup panjang line tu nanti, awak cabut janggut awak. Pastu susun satu-satu jadi line. Confirm menang!"

Oops.. I think I'd insulted somebody.