Thursday, May 22, 2008

Womanly Activities

*Before anything, please refer to this post

Okay, first of all this is not really easy as I am giving myself 1 hour to finish writing on the topic suggested by Marisa. (I will try my best not to divert from the topic). OMG, it's HARD, man!

Let me start with my activities during the previous weekend. Here goes:

Last week, when my parents planned to go somewhere (hurray, we're home alone!), I suggested to Hubby that the two of us go for a movie. Hubby was like "Tinggal Sofea?". Then I said, "Ye lah".

So on Saturday afternoon, I made myself up without knowing that Hubby had booked two midnight tickets for us to watch Narnia (I don't have much time to google for the exact title right now). Hubby said he was too tired to go out at that time (he played badminton earlier in the morning) and in contrary I wanted to go out so badly at that time. Guess what? With all the make-ups, I went to Hero (our favorite supermarket near the house) and bought Sofea's formula (plus some other stuff). And (I can't wait to tell you this); later I watched the downloaded version of The Devil Wears Prada (did I get it right here?). The movie was awesome! Loved it, loved it, loved it.

I was glad that I watched the movie because we actually didn't make it to the cinema for our midnight show because I was too tired by then. I told Hubby that we COULD choose not going to the cinema but we had to get up early the next morning to do groceries and I SHOULD go to the spa in the afternoon. DEAL!

So our Sunday went like:
  1. We went to the market - bought some stuff (glad that we contributed something to the family).
  2. I didn't go to the spa because of my last minute notice (I should have known this)
  3. We went to Ikea instead. Hubby bought tables and a chair for his SOHO in our little room!
Not bad, huh?

By the way, I managed to get a slot at the spa on Monday. And so I went for my facial (and bust firming) at Jurlique, MV. It took about 2 hours. After the treatment, on my way to the car, I went to Aldo and tried on some towering shoes. Gosh, how can people walk in those??!! I so cannot!

I guess that's all I can think of and write at this moment (I have 20 minutes more). Oh by the way Marisa, did I mention that I am actually going for a date with Erna at Midvalley tomorrow (who wants to join)? We sure going to have ef yu en FUN!

p/s: I still need more topics. Pretty please, friends. Thanks ;)