Sunday, May 25, 2008

While They Were Sleeping

Last night, while Hubby and Sofea were fast asleep, I was thinking about my conversation with Hubby earlier.
Hubby : Car seat Sofea dah kena kencing kucing.
Moi : Ha, tu lah. Sape suh tak letak kat dalam keta?
Hubby : I dah agak dah you nak reply camtu. You are so predictable.
I was like "Eh??!!"
Moi : Ha, bagus lah. (Apa yg bagus pun mak tatau)
Hubby : Kalau I tak nak kena marah, I tak cakap kat you pasal car seat tu.
Moi : Hmm
End of conversation.

I was thinking if only I had replied "Hmm" when Hubby told me about the car seat, the conversation might have ended at the second line.

" indeed is a magic word to terminate unwanted conversation (which has been widely used by our other halves). Don't you think so?