Friday, June 13, 2008

I Am Bitter. Therefore I Bite (?!)

Last night I felt depressed and cried. When Hubby offered to be a 'shoulder to cry on' and I when was about to menempel on his chest, suddenly Sofea marah-marah. She didn't allow her Mama to menempel on her Abah. Yes, she was jealous! I was between laughing and crying at that time (lagi la dia ingat mak ni main-main). I hugged her instead. *Boo hoo*

By the way, I was depressed because 'some people' dared to release their stress, expressing anger to my daughter. What the fuck? If you couldn't handle my daughter's antics, just avoid her! Don't expect a 2.5-year-old kid to think and behave like an adult! As simple as that. And as ridiculous as it may souund, don't tell you expect me to have my eyes on her every second?! Remember, what goes around comes around. I'll make sure you'll get what you give. Bitter girl, I am. Haha.

Anyways, I have a few more hours to Moms' & Babes' day out and watch Kung Fu Panda!