Friday, June 13, 2008


[image has been deleted]

What's with the picture?

Okay, here is the story. I was being passionately-entertained by Bobbi Brown's S.A at Isetan, The Gardens when suddenly a group of ladies came and she (the one in the picture) started *...cot cet cot cet ... leng chai ... cot cet cot cet...* with the S.A.

The S.A told her "Hold on, aaa". But this nyonya continued bugging him *cot cet cot cet ... cream eye shadow...*. At last, the S.A entertained her and left me sitting on the stool with the mirror!!! F to the U to the C to the K!

I didn't put the total blame on the S.A because the nyonya was the one who started it (by being a bitch)! I don't give a fuck if you are a Datin or Puan Sri, or rather Mak atau Nenek kepada Tan Sri. Please, not only human; animals & plants too need to be treated with respect. You are indeed an epitome of uncivilised civilian.

Happy Belated Earth Day, Mother Earth! (Ada kaitan, ke?). Ahaha, I think I'm having PMS.

p/s: This was not my first experience.