Friday, June 20, 2008

Kisah Di Gerabak Kereta Kuda*

*Coach, KLCC.

After having unsuccessful attempts to pay someone's CC at Citibank, I went to KLCC (it was planned, BTW). So I went straight away to Coach, to send my Bleecker Leather Flap for repair.

While waiting for the S.A to finish his job writing something, I spotted this bag:

I wasn't REALLY interested with the bag, but for the sake of being friendly, I asked the S.A, "Apa nama bag ni, ya?".

He said, "Oh, itu Vintage leather" (dengan muka yg angkuh-takmo-cakap-dengan-saya, ok...).

Fine. I replied, "I KNOW. Vintage leather tu material dia. But what's the name of the model? Leigh, ke?".

"Tak, tu memang Vintage leather..."

I took a long deep breath and smiled (with clenched teeth), "Hmm".

A few minutes ago, I went to, and guess what???!!!!

Tell me, how do you pronounce L.E.I.G.H??

You don't have to figure it out. The answer is...

\ˈvin-tij\ \ˈle-thər\ !!!!!