Monday, June 9, 2008

Right Job

I could not help but to do the test after reading Mimi's entry.

And the right job for me is

Apa semua ini?
"Why These Jobs Work For You
You are the person for a job that involves thinking outside the box (Ahah! Now I know where my daughter got her traits from). You are innovative and intellectual. You don't like paying attention to administrative details (Eh, I like lah), though you pay attention to details when necessary for aesthetic or practical reasons (True. Very, very true). Organizing and filing do not appeal to you (Not really, I like doing filing though - because I want the file to be arranged MY way). Your skills are in the art of expression, and you have the ability to convey the message to the intended audience effectively."

Too late. Kalau belajar E.E, boleh ke jadi Architect? Kuang kuang kuang... I dah tersilap ambik course la dulu...