Thursday, July 3, 2008

Being Next To Berjaya Times Square

Today is my second day doing qada puasa and the site work finished earlier - like at 3.15pm?? I was thinking of bringing Sofea to KLCC or Pavilion (so that she could be bitten by the Piranha-like fish at the Fish Spa). Hahahhahahah *evil*. But, after having second, third and 'n'th thought, "Naaah". By the way, the site I went is next to Berjaya Times Square, y'all! (Tak heran, kan? Sebab mak pun tak heran)

People, I have a question about 415 Volt AC transmission. What is the rate of voltage drop as it is being transmitted via a copper wire (don't tell me you need to know the diameter of the wire) for a distance of about 100m to a rectifier?

I'm using my colleague's PC for work, so I kinda feel awkward to use the internet other than to check my email (reason). Actually, I'm too lazy to google for it I don't understand French (another reason). "Ai tra hak doh, but Ai kenok gek"* (Read : I try hard dah, but I cannot get). Got it?!

p/s : Hopefully the company's share price will increase higher and higher and higher!

*The famous tagline in the office :P