Friday, July 4, 2008

The Mix That Does Not Match

My colleagues and I went to BVII during lunch hour yesterday. We stopped at AESOP's counter. I somehow thought of S.O.A.P the duo, "This is how we party...". Don't you remember? Hey, I even downloaded that song and it's in my iTunes' music library (yang ada kat dalam lappyku yang hilang itu!) *Stress*

Okay, about the product; it is totally organic/natural (can somebody please tell me the difference?), no synthetic elements at all (so they claim) and packed in bottles that look like lab bottles.

One thing that really turned me off was their facial scrub. The scrub, like most of their other products, is packed in a glass bottle in granule-like form!! Now, can you guess already why I hated it so much? YES, you will have to mix the granule with water or some cream-type facial cleanser first before you could use it! How convenient. Excellent idea!

So my verdict is; Jurlique is still where my heart is.