Thursday, July 10, 2008


Yesterday, while my friends and I were having lunch (where I had a bowl of Minestrone soup *Slurrp*) the big boss and the smaller boss came to the same shop for their lunch. Man, kacau daun betul.

My friends realized that I was putting myself in control or rather controlling myself (from what??). You see, I didn't know that I was a control-freak until they said that to me yesterday. Haha...

Well, I think none of any human beings in this Planet Earth is NOT a control-freak especially when seeing someone new. I've seen a lot of this sudden-change-in-body-language when we're in the middle of something where somebody's passing by or at the very least, in a meeting.

So what if they want to control themselves? There's a science behind it and we (at least me) have to accept it. There's also science behind the people who notice the other people controlling themselves (are you confused, already?).

What I can say is, I love seeing them in control, and wouldn't want to spoil it by telling them "Hey, you are controlling yourself". There is science behind this too! :P

p/s : Sometimes, I couldn't control myself either!