Thursday, July 10, 2008

It Turned Out To Be A Very HOT Day

I wore a knit top to work today. Office tu sangatlah sejuk (I think Kaezrin knows). Hari-hari mak dok komplen "Sejuk..sejuk". Sudah nya hari ni, teringat lah nak pakai knit top (tp bukan lah 100% wool, ya?).

No lah... It's just that there was no ironed shirt left. Baju kurung ada lah. Tp memandangkan mak nak pegi ke site, nak pakai baju kurung kalu, alangkah tak praktikal, kan? Hence the knit top.

Okay, so I thought I would spend like 3 quarters of my working hours in the coooooool office. No I did not. I actually went out to site at around 11 a.m, had breakfast at McD - I had Spicy Chicken Mc Deluxe. I thought, I made the right choice for having that for my breakfast (instead of Nasi Lemak) when I found out that it contained ONLY 600ish kCal. But apparently, that is the highest calorie number of all Mc Donald's food! You call that dieting, huh? Anyways, Bubur Ayam McD has the least calories.

I went to the site right after that. It turned out that the air-con was not functioning!!! When I was bitching about the hotness, I heard someone said, "Ini baru panas kat dunia..".

But I knew that the person was only giving an emotionless remark.

Anyways, deep in my heart (tak leh cakap kuat-kuat) I planned to go back early (like 4.30 p.m or something) since it was really really hot. It turned out that I waited passionately for the test to be completed and went back slightly earlier than everybody else there. This is so not me, okay.