Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Little Update On The Kacang Phool

If you had read my immediate previous entry, ermm.. I actually, really prepared the Kacang Phool last night. (Just so you know, I wrote the previous entry last night just before I went to the kitchen and scheduled it to be published today).

But, I didn't get the desired color. You know what, Mektwain (Cehhh, Mektwain sajer), I actually took a pathetic move to get the not-so-desired-but-almost similar to the desired color for the Kacang Phool. I PUT SOY SAUCE IN IT!!! If I had not put the soy sauce, the color would be plain white! And and, I added some Prego's pasta sauce too! What laa.. The recipe looked simple; apparently NOT that simple.

The outcome - do I have to share the picture? I don't think so lah (in the Kitchen, maybe). Too ugly to be exposed :P.

P/s : Will post the recipe in my kitchen blog later, alligator!