Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So Much Of Being-Determined-To-Prepare-Kacang-Phool

What a long title, heh.

Recently, I googled for Kacang Phool and I found these two recipes : Rozzan's and M3rni3's. I add them in my Bookmark Tab. Last Sunday, I was determined (I mean very very determined) to prepare the dish. So in our shopping list, I had put minced meat and broad beans as 'MUST GET'. But I was sooooooooo frustrated because the hypermarket with the big T did not have them in the shelf. *Sighhhhhhhh*.

So minced meat - checked, broad beans - not checked. (I was looking for canned broad beans, FYI).

Yesterday, I went to BV and tried looking for the can. I couldn't find the beans even with the help from extra 2 pairs of eyes. BUT....(there is a big BUT here), I found this

Can you see it?

I don't know if it is the correct bean, but from the illustration, I think it is. Mektwain, please tell me it IS a can of broad beans.

Anyways, minced meat - checked, broad beans - checked. I was so gonna prepare it last night tonight, BUT.... (here's the big BUT again), there's no more limes left in the fridge. Arghhhhhhhhh...the last thing that I thought we would run out of is the LIME.

Maybe this is a sign from God that I shouldn't prepare Kacang Phool at all for the dish might end up being dumped because you-know-what. ;)