Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Morning At Pavilion

Like I said in one of my previous posts, Hubby went out for a Badminton Tournament early in the morning.

I was planning to go to Tabung Haji to open my dauhgter's account. Before I took my shower going, I called up and I was glad that the automated operator said that their operating days are 7 days a week. Too good to be true, huh? Well, I believed it until I checked on this. Aik???? Dalam telefon cakap 7 hari. Dalam laman sawang** cakap 5 hari?

Ish, tak boleh jadi. Kalau cam ni, baik kita pegi Pavilion je Sofea. (Apa punya contigency plan daaa)

So we went to Pavilion. When we reached there, pintu nak masuk pun tak bukak lagi. Early bird lah kata kan. The first place that we stopped at was Kedai Gerabak Kereta Kuda la, (apa lagi mak ni kan?). I was trying on this pair (in PINK!):

but it turned out that my feet looked so ugly in it. Blurrrgh..

Then I saw this bag:

It looked nicer in real (to me lah, ya?). Plus it was not heavy! If I hadn't bought the other bag, I'd consider to have this bag.

Oh, FYI, they're still having season clearance and discounts up to 50%!! Most of the items (including shoes, key fobs) on the top floor are on 50% off! My Ergo is also on 50%. Huhu. Tak mengapa lah, mak pakai pun dah setengah tawun :(

While we were at the food court, Sofea said to me, "Mama, uncle gemuk tu rambut macam Sofea" while pointing at a messy-haired man sitting one table away from us.

Aaargh... Jangan lah orang tu dengar!!

**Yup, you've guessed it; it's website. I saw it in the newspaper.