Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bintang Kecil

Siapa tau lagu ni?

Bintang kecil di langit yang biru
Amat banyak menghias angkasa
Aku Saya ingin terbang dan menari
Jauh tinggi di tempat kau berada

I didn't know this song until recently my daughter kept singing the song before going to sleep and asked me to sing along. Oh dear, I don't know this song...

At first, I thought it's an Indonesian song (is it?) because Nini (the maid) can sing along with Sofea, but apparently my MIL knows the song too! Oh, tadika cap apakah yang mak pegi masa kecik-kecik dulu?

Notice the strikethroughed "Aku"? That's because she is not allowed to say "Aku" (we haven't taught about "Kau" yet).

Oh, she is even taught not to believe that Hantu exists. As a result, she would say Burung Giant instead of Burung Hantu where Giant is the substitute for Hantu.