Monday, August 18, 2008

Strategic Thinking : Needs vs. Wants

At this moment I am thinking of having:

  1. The new Honda Civic in Blue --> WANT: I have already had a car
  2. Neverfull MM --> WANT : I can use my Coach Heritage Stripe Tote for weekend outings. But you see, I think I need this Neverfull because I kinda feel that it's kinda over or rather looked awkward if I carry Tivoli for weekend outings, no?
  3. A handphone with GPS receiver --> NEED: Because I really want need it (will that count as a valid reason??!!). No lah, because I travel a lot (but not that lot).
  4. Clear credit cards (not this one particular bank's Clear credit card, but rather zero-credit credit cards) --> NEED: Because I cannot tahan seeing outstanding balance on my monthly statements. Didn't it sound like a want already? I'm having OCD in this, FYI ;).

Hmm.. 2 needs vs. 2 wants. I guess that's all I can think of right now. But of all 4, I've been dreaming to have No.2 most. WHY laa... I don't really NEED it. It's just my WANT.