Monday, August 4, 2008

I Want To Update But I Don't Have Idea

Hmm... I really don't know what to write but one thing that has been mingling on my mind is about the readers of my blog. I know some of you very very well; be it real-ly or virtually. For the rest, I hope that we can know each other better (never mind if you don't want to know me, it doesn't matter) as time goes by.

Although there are tonnes of work that need to be entertained, I choose to be out of the office for a 2-day course this week (Freedom!). And I plan to go outstation right after that (Yet, another freedom).

What makes me want to be out of the office so badly? Seriously I don't think I'm needed there in the office since there are lots of work that need to be done but I don't have or rather am not being provided with the right tool to execute my job. Well, in a shortest sentence is "Technically, I don't have a computer in the office".

I have to admit that initially I thought I won't be needing a portable PC for office, I thought I could survive without one. But with the high expectation on up-to-date (and not forgetting archived) information, I don't think I could cope (without a laptop). I mean, come on, you expect me to (always) have all the information with me and yet, I don't have the tool?

Some of you might have blurted, "La, mintak la kat ofis". I know ;). FYI, I had asked the HEAD OF UNIT (the highest rank in the group before the GM) for a laptop (specifically) and guess what he replied? He said, "You have to get YOUR OWN laptop". Fine...

The moral of the story is, always watch your mouth. Don't speak just for the sake of making someone else feel like a total ... (I can't think of a word right now).

Oh, BTW, I really enjoyed our time watching SATC yesterday. The Desperate Housewives went for Sex And The City :P.