Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Night Fever, Night Fever...

... We don't know how to deal with it.

Since Sunday evening, Sofea was down with mild fever. After a dose of paracetamol that night, she was okay. So yesterday, we didn't send her to the nursery so that she could be closedly monitored by the maid. She was okay during the day but when I got home in the evening, her body temperature rose again. She even threw up.

So at night, Hubby wanted to bring her to the clinic but before anything, she threw up again. Poor her. She seemed so weak and helpless. We decided to monitor her condition through the night and see if she would be better the next morning (because she was okay on Monday morning). We went to APSH after she threw up again after the throw-up last night. The doctor said she was dehydrated and asked us if we want her to be warded. Well, I said yes but Hubby said he would like to take the medicine first. Well, okay. Later, Hubby said he wanted to go home to get our clothes. Eh, apa ini?? I reminded him that we were not going to stay at the hospital. Maybe he was confused.

Come to paying part, we were shocked that our visit was not covered by the insurance company (namely Allianz). I left Hubby with his own devices because kalau mak pegi, mau terbalik meja kaunter tu kang I wanted to give my attention to my baby.

Apparently, the company does not cover outpatients. They only cover emergency cases. Tell me, since when is high fever in kids not considered as emergency? It was almost 12 a.m last night, with such emergency case, how could we easily find or think of a 24-hour clinic. Hey, we wouldn't want to go to the hospital la if it was still 8 p.m.... Pergi klinik tabib keluarga kat belakang rumah ni lagi bagus tau.

The best part was, we went to the same hospital 2 weeks ago for the same case - high fever; and it was covered!!! Only that time, we went there at 3 a.m or something. So, my conclusion is, it is an emergency if you go to the emergency department during wee hours regardless the illness.

P/s: I have to admit that I have had enough of cleaning mess already, but it broke my heart when Sofea said "Tak nak minum susu, nanti muntah". She must have known how I feel.