Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's That Time Again

...where I have (or rather choose) to go outstation and leave my daughter behind. This time it's gonna be a bit (but not that long) longer. 2, 3 hari jerr. Apa la sangat, kan?

But knowing the fact that the OCD me I couldn't (or don't at all) trust anyone to take care of my daughter except ehem.. ehem.., I feel hard to leave my daughter. And last night, I scolded (yes, scolded is the best word to describe) Sofea. I was so angry that I couldn't even look at her and Hubby didn't dare to say anything (he always reminds me of not being furious to our daughter) except trying to console my daughter who refused to be entertained by anyone else but her mom.

To make things up, I spent the night alone with my daughter on the bed, repeating to her that I am going outstation and won't be able to sleep beside her at night. And told her to behave and listen to Abah bla bla bla... call me bla bla bla... don't be naughty and be a good girl. She listened really carefully (as if she understood :P) and later said, "Nak ikut?" Aaaaa??!


Anyways, we had good time last night ;). Tihihi

Mama's gonna miss you these few days, dear.

Ini gambar passport ke apa nih?