Sunday, August 10, 2008

Talk About Work

Disclaimer : It's gonna be a boring and one self-centered entry.

It all started on Thursday - hari yang mak dok kalut-kalut tu. The next day, kekalutan sebenar berlaku. I had meetings in the morning and afternoon where someone was harassing me to SIGN HIS CLAIM!!!!!

Dude, I've got A LOT, A LOT of things to think of already since yesterday. Don't you anything more important to tell me other than your claim? Kalau telefon nak nolong mak arrange kerja tu takpe la jugak.

Anyways (moving forward, heh), I had asked someone else to sign the claim (terlepas satu bala, ok?) as I didn't know when I could come back to the office (I actually didn't want to).

After the second meeting which ended at around 1.15 p.m (on Friday, duhh), I couldn't think of and decide on what I should do next. I had a number of options, go home and fetch Sofea, join my colleague at Midvalley, go straight away to the site or, come back to the office. I was thinking of it while I was driving (I tell you, it's even more dangerous than using a hand-phone without a hands-free kit).

Well, apparently, I chose to come back to the office because I had to SEND AN EMAIL!!! This is why I really think that having a desktop is not practical to me. I MUST HAVE a laptop! I went home after that.

I only went to site after Maghrib prayer. I made the right choice of going home first (but I pitied my daughter because, she didn't really get my attention that day as was busy making calls) because the work had not even started when I arrived at sight at about 9.00 p.m. Okay, so I didn't really miss anything.

So bla bla bla bla bla bla bla... the work ended at 2.00 o'clock in the morning (but the other team only finished at 4.00 a.m.). Only then I realized that my driver's license had expired. Oh, man!.

You might ask "Kenapa tiba-tiba terpikir pasal lesen lak?"

Well, I was at Pulau Indah (and I live in Ampang). Knowing the in trend now is roadblock, the probability of kena tahan dengan Polis was high when going home at wee hours since not many cars were on the road plus it was a looooong stretch (talk about risk calculation here). And I was alone.

A colleague had been so kind to accompany me since she had asked her boyfriend to fetch her at Tesco Ampang. But I on the other hand was being so unkind to her that I asked her to drive me until Tesco Ampang. From there to my house is about 1 km, so kalau kena tahan pun, I could always bring someone in. Anyways, we survived the journey without any roadblocks and speed traps.

Back at home, I slept without changing because I was too tired. (Cehh, macam buat kerja berat :D)

The next day, I went to Pulau Indah again in the morning but went back early and reached home at 9.00 p.m after seeing my daughter's muka kesian through a video call. Besides, the colleague who drove me that night didn't come to site, so who's gonna do the driving should I wait until the job finished at I-didn't-even-know-when?

TIll the next ad-hoc job. Ta-ta.