Monday, August 25, 2008

A Rather Productive Day

Last Saturday was a rather productive day (for us). We went to Pavilion because Hubby wanted to give a treat for my nth birthday. We had lunch at Toni Roma's (and Sofea ate my Bountiful Ribs like nobody's business - I was glad to see her eating greedily :P).

After that, the mission to find new toys for Sofea began. We thought there is Toys R Us in Pavilion. There isn't, is it? So we went to ELC. Looking at the toys, I felt like wanting to be a child again! We Hubby bought a some-kind-of jigsaw puzzle with at train track on it. And they had discounts.

And then we went to Parkson - there's Toys R Us in it! Yeay! We bought some toys for her there namely Ultraman (Sofea's choice) and Lego (Hubby's choice). You see, if it was Hubby, he'd definitely choose puzzle-like toys while yours truly would choose what Sofea likes - Dolls, Pinky and Girly stuff. Hubby said I can always give Sofea my stuff for her to play with. Erkk, no way!

Errmm, what else? Oh, La Senza was having gooooood discounts on their items. I think I want to get some more La Senza items on Monday. Is there La Senza at Midvalley? (Am going to MV to change my 501 to another piece). *Peace*

No, we didn't get this for her

But these instead

Amik, sampai tertido-tido ;)


A Neverfull can never be full :P