Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Anak Mama

Eversince Hubby completed downloading Monsters Inc., the movie has become Sofea's favorite and our daily TV show.

She even perasan that she is Boo, the cute girl. And hence we (Hubby and I) are left with no choice, that we are either Sully or Mike. Wahaha...

Just so you know, our daughter had assigned Hubby to be Sully and her Mama to be Mike!!! Mak tak rela menjadi makhluk hijau yang bolat itu, apatah lagi makhluk gergasi yang berbulu itu!

But one day, I managed to influence my daughter to ask her father to be Mike - dengan alasan, "Abahkan botak, so Abah la Mike. Mama jadi Sully, okay?" Hahaha, she bought it! Eeiii, anak mama, kata. :P