Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Khabar Dari ASPH APSH

(Macam blog title siapa ya..Hehe).

Initially we wanted to see Dr H but apparently she was not and won't be in the office for the whole day. We settled with Dr Kumari instead.

Well, I don't know is it was only for today but when we first entered her clinic, I thought, 'Tak ramai orang, bestnya!'

About Sofea, she is admitted due to frequent cough (but no wheezing) and dehydration. She refuses to take milk and only drinks a few drops of water a day. I really pity her.

Hopefully she'd recover by tomorrow. Amin.

P/s: Nampak dalam gambar Sofea tido dlm cot, kan? Sebenarnya dia tak nak tidor kat situ, nak tidor kat single-seater sofa je. Bila dia lelap kat sofa tu, operasi 'angkat berat' pun bermula ;)

P/p/s: Mak aii... Seksa bebenau nak blogging (tulis panjang-panjang) thru phone. Lenguh!!