Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Short Story

While most of us spent the weekend and celebrate the Ramadhan at Kampung Halaman or at least went for a vacation, my family and I spent the long weekend at home (it's my hometown, anyways).

But on Saturday, we went to OU for a friend's farewell. A friend (nak habaq mai) was really impressed that Sofea could eat on her own.

(She's more than 2.5 years old, what do you expect? Duhh...) No lah, I understood my friend, she's still single. Period. Anyways, we didn't hang out long enough because Sofea was in high temperature.

How was your first Ramadhan, people? Okay, no?

To me, I can see that we (I live with my parents and siblings, remember?) no longer spend lavishly on food for buka puasa. Maybe because we (the siblings) are too old for that already. Nevertheless, Air Tebu is a must for my brother and I have a feeling that this evening, we gonna have Ayam Percik (what's so special about it?).

Last night, we brought Sofea to a 24-hour clinic namely Klinik Kita (I have to mention names when I am not satisfied) although I have banned myself from entering the clinic. She took nebulizer (I know it's not the right word).

And,.... I thought she would be better after that. Well that's not really my point, here. What I want to highlight here is, The Doctor. He seemed irritated with my questions and at one point, I think he ridiculed my questions. Hmm.... That's not good, Doctor. I mean, come on, it's not that I want to get an MD in one visit, I just wanted to know the drugs that you prescribed, that's all! I will hate Klinik Kita forever! In fact, I've been hating the brand since several years ago.

This morning we plan to bring Sofea to Dr Haliza of APSH. She is good and hence the price.