Friday, September 12, 2008

A Little Too Ironic

I went to Chilli's just now. Don't ask me why or what was I doing there but at the main entrance, I saw a notice from Jabatan Agama Islam. I did not bother to read it though.

When I entered, I asked "Can I enter?".<--Berbudi bahasanya saya....
She answered, "I'm sorry, you can't".

Ah, well. Apparently, they are practicing what Jabatan Agama Islam recommends. I took it positively - that is to respect the holy month.

I didn't ask if they still sell alcoholic drinks during Ramadan. I bet they do.

Haha. Wasn't that ironic - not allowing Muslims to dine in but at the same time selling alcoholic drinks (doesn't matter to Muslims or Non-Muslims)?

p/s: Don't get me wrong. Boleh je nak buka puasa kat Chilli's dalam bulan puasa ;)