Friday, September 5, 2008

*Updated *Mak Datok, Dah Jumaat Rupanya?!

I can't believe it's Friday! And today's itinerary is:

  1. Go to TH and open an account for my daughter (I've been procrastinating like forever) - Went to TH but sad sad sadly did not open the account
  2. Go to KLCC to entertain my seemingly depressed daughter (seriously, she seems depressed) - Done. And we even went to Pavilion ;)
  3. Make an appointment at Jurlique (a number of zits have come out) - Not done DONE, later in the evening
  4. Arrange for my ESOS exercise (penting ni, mak dah kopak) - DONE, DONE, DONE!!
  5. Send my pants for alterations at Bangsar Village (dah kurus rupanya saya) - Done
I even bought my very first PRADA (the perfume, ok?)!! I think I've mentioned it before.

*Updated on Saturday, 6 Sept 08*
Dalam banyak-banyak item tu, SATU je yang fail (which is only a mere fraction of it). I'm really proud of myself. I think I scored 90%! Tapi, tapi, tertambah pulak satu itinerary yang tak dirancang. Hmm camane nak kira score tu? Kena tolak point, kot? :D