Sunday, September 7, 2008


When I posted this entry, I thought I really wanted to let the things go. It turned out (after that) that I had been telling myself to love the perfumes and eventually it worked until yesterday last Friday (when I bought that PRADA lah). Actually I don't like possessing many perfumes at one time (same goes to handbags ;) ).

Yesterday Last Friday was also the day where I spring-cleaned my perfume wardrobe and toss some (the super older ones) to the maid ;).

So, this entry will only be posted once I have posted the picture of the actual units in my Garage Sale blog.

Oh, BTW, I WANTED to let go my Allure because there was this one time, I smelled like shit in it. Seriously, hangit semacam. Apparently, I was wearing the wrong deodorant (from BODY SHOP) at that time where somehow the chemical reaction between the deodorant, my BO, and the perfume were MATCH MADE IN HELL! When I changed it (to NIVEA), the problem was solved. Just so you be reminded, the Chanel is not for sale.

But, I am still contemplating to let go the Dior.