Monday, September 22, 2008

A Tiring Day


I went to site today (actually I didn't plan to, but) there was nobody else in the office who could make it. Now, do you have any idea where the site was?

PAVILION, dowh!!!!!!

Walaupun Pavilion, takdolah pulak saya nak meronda-ronda ukur bangunan tu kan... Haruslah menjadi pekerja yang berdedikasi gitu. Duduk kat site (yang panasnya Tuhan aje lah yang tahu) dan menyaksikan apa yang berlaku.

Apa yang berlaku? Terima barang aje. :D

Tapi, sempat jugaklah kiranya saya berlegar-legar di
Parkson. I went there early, like 2 hours before the actual working time and my intention was to set an appointment with Chanel for their upcoming makeover but somehow, I ended up at Dior and bought their RM200 voucher for their makeover instead. (I'm still gonna make that appointment with Chanel).

The End